Thermal Phase Change Interface Materials With High Performance For Electronic

Thermal Phase Change Interface Materials With High Performance For Electronic

Model No.︰PC210

Brand Name︰Karefonte

Country of Origin︰China

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Minimum Order︰100 pc

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Product Description

Product introduction

The phase change characteristics : material is solid at room temperature and is convenient to install, used between the heat sink and device. When they reach the product phase change temperature materials become soft, flowing, filled into the device small irregular contact surface. So completely have the ability to fill the gaps between the interface of the air gap and the device and heat sink, the phase change pad is better than that of non flow elastomer or graphite based thermal pad, and has the properties of thermal grease.

This material is heat reinforced polymer, to meet the thermal conductive of high terminal heat conduction application , reliability demand. Combined with the thermal resistance small channel so that the performance of the heat sink to achieve the best. Improve the micro processor, memory module DC - DC converter and the reliability of the power module.

   Application :

   ◆High frequency microprocessor, chipset, graphics processing chips /power AMP chip, cache memory chip,         customer homemade ASICS .

   ◆DC--DC converter, memory module, power module, memory module, solid state relay, bridge rectifier

   Advantage :

   ◆Low thermal resistance under low pressure

   ◆Inherent viscosity, easy to use and not need to use the adhesive

   ◆No need preheating the radiator

   ◆Flow but not silicone oil

   ◆Low volatility -- less than 1%

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Standards Certificate︰ ISO 9001, RoHS, REACH

Color︰ grey / black / pink / black

Size︰ customized

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